What better way to learn about photography than with a camera you can climb inside? Step inside the camera, see the light play inside, and learn all about the workings of light and optics.

During the day visitors to Green Hill will be invited inside a Camera Obscura outside the front of the gallery for a demonstration by photographer Sam White of how the camera works and for a chance to focus the camera on each other.

You will also have the opportunity to have your photograph taken and then participants are invited to trace the image they see, using pastels, paint or pencils as part of our Big Draw activities.

The Camera Obscura has been used by artists through time as a drawing aid. People who normally wouldn’t try getting creative are spurred by a new way of working and seeing the image waiting to be drawn.  You can draw your family and friends or the view from the camera such as the Green Hill building.

This event is for all ages and you can have your family portrait taken too.

There is no charge for this event however we will have buckets for donations towards Green Hill Arts.

Come along and join us for the magical experience of Camera