Making the enjoying art has been shown to be uniquely beneficial for older people and can help to combat early signs of dementia. Through our Inspiring the Community project at Green Hill we are funding a series of workshops specifically aimed at the elderly and those with Alzheimer's. This is a pilot scheme which we would like to extend with further funding.  The activities are facilitated by an artists together with an assistant and the programme will include:


  •  Learning of new creative skills helping with dexterity and focus
  • ·Meeting with new people to encourage socialising and combat isolation.
  •  Encouragement to explore and share personal memories.
  • Arts and craft activities to encourage creativity and self expression
  • A way for those involved to feel more engaged with life

We are running two groups of four on a fortnightly basis.  We are delighted that artists Lucy Patrick and Melinda Schwarkhofer are running them.  The project is run in partnership with Moor Care and the centre practice. If you are interested in this project please contact project manager Katheryn Hope on 01647 441235 for more information.