This active and fun 3 day workshop is primarily aimed at those not in performing arts, but with something they’d like to communicate well to an audience - an excellent first step for anyone interested in performing stand-up comedy or any kind of public speaking – includes a performance on Saturday evening. Limited numbers so book early.

About the 3 day workshop:

Stephen Park has experience in performance poetry, comedy and hosting open mic nights. He is also an artist and works with vulnerable adults.

Wilf  is a performer of stories and poems.  He won the National 2009 storytelling competition.

This workshop is intense fun and promotes team building and confidence building. Stephen and Wilf previously have successfully led it at Dartmoor Arts and The Royal College of Art.

Previous feedback:
"The amazing atmosphere created by the group. What a good method of learning and creating a story to tell."

"Excellent structure from the myriad of warm up games to managing getting all of us to feel confident enough to perform our long, tall and bonkers tales… Blimey- A life changing experience."

The workshop includes: 

•           Information about public speaking that people who do it already know, (even if they don't know that they know).

•           Selected improvisation games

•           Material that stand-up comedians understand, staying in the moment etc.

•           Storytelling tools: e.g. structure, types of language (description, narrative, feeling, commentary)

•           How to organise and remember information and keep it brief etc.

Book online - £60 or £30 concessionary