Green Hill Arts is proud to announce the world premiere of ‘Il Ritorno in St Andrew's Church, Moretonhampstead:

A Perambulation for Unaccompanied Violin’ by the American composer Michael
Alec Rose.

Inspired by visiting Dartmoor over the course of twenty-five years, this
event is being held on Dartmoor itself at the express wish of the composer, whose
works have been performed widely in Europe, the USA and South America.

The violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved is internationally renowned — not only for
his virtuosity and his extensive repertoire but also his performances on some of the
oldest and most treasured stringed instruments in the world. This evening’s concert
will be played on a violin made in 1629 by Girolamo Amati (whose son taught
Stradivari the craft of violin-making), and will feature music from the 17th and 18th
centuries as well as the 21st.

Programme also features virtuoso pieces by
BIAGIO MARINI (1594-1663) ~ HEINRICH BIBER (1644-1704) ~

St Andrew's Church, Moretonhampstead at 7.30pm