Come and learn how to make natural handmade incense using locally grown native plants. We have a huge variety of aromatic flowers, leaves, barks and resins growing all around us, and many of these have traditional uses, both herbal and magical.

You will learn how to make block incense without exotic imported resins or synthetic binders, as well as guidance on how to harvest and prepare herbs, and how to choose your own blends. This incense is nothing like the josticks that you can buy in shops!

All materials will be provided, but if you have your own pestle and mortar that you would like to bring, please do, as it will mean less sharing when we grind resins and roots.

If you have any known plant sensitivies, please let me know in advance.

Please bring an apron, a notebook and pen, and a Tupperware tub to take your incense home in. Dust masks and latex gloves are provided for health and safety reasons (if you are allergic to latex, please bring your own gloves).