Devon has probably inspired more landscapes and seascapes than any other English county, so it is no surprise that it has lured back one of Britain’s most accomplished landscape painters, Ric Horner, for his new show, which presents a new series of views of Dartmoor.

After graduating from Exeter College in 1989, Ric spent two years living and working in Devon. It was here on Dartmoor that he developed a profound engagement with light and distance. This engagement continued to drive his art forward after he moved away, so that he has subsequently become one of the foremost exponents of painting the spaces we ‘want to walk into’ when we view a landscape. 

It is this ability to paint light and distance that marks his work out as that rare thing – a truly contemporary approach to landscape painting. Yet the paintings themselves are also strangely timeless.This is the mark of a technically brilliant painter. In defiance of a society that is sometimes suspicious of virtuosity, Ric allows us the enormous satisfaction of joining a serious artist at the height of his powers in contemplation of the natural world that embraces us all.