Green Hill Arts is supporting Art Raft for Health, an arts-based project to help local older people who are living with dementia or social isolation.

Art Raft is co-facilitated by two practicing artists, Lucy Patrick and Melinda Schwakhofer. 

Lucy has a background in Art and Design and has worked extensively in the local community in various capacities. She is also undergoing training as a carer.  Melinda has a background in Counselling Psychology and a deep interest in the positive influence of creativity on mental health.

The 90-minute sessions are held on Wednesday mornings at Moretonhampstead Health Centre from 10.30-12.00.

Each session is loosely structured to encourage individual expression.  Each participant is given the space to socialise and explore their own creativity at their own pace, in their own way. 

Sessions include gentle dance/exercise, cognitive stimulation, singing and music making, creative activity, and listening to music, poetry and stories.

Contact Lucy 01647 440600 or Melinda 01647 440971 for more information.