What is a collagraph?

A collagraph printing plate is made by gluing thin textured materials, or applying liquid materials, to a rigid surface and then ink is applied to the suface and transferred onto paper using a press. A huge variety of materials can be used, the only requirement is that they are thin and able to withstand being compressed. It is one of the most instinctive forms of printmaking as the artist interacts directly with the materials and it allows play and experimentation. The resulting prints are exciting, innovative and free. And with the limitless supply of materials that can be sourced from our recycling bin or DIY store it is cheap as well!


Workshop Details

Day 1 - plate making


- introduction to the collagraph process, look at examples

- discuss suitable matrix/supports & collagraph materials

- demonstration

- making your own plates


Day 2 – printing plates


- look at examples of inking

- demonstration

- inking and printing your plates


What to bring


- a picture or sketch of your favourite Dartmoor Tor, this is only optional as I will provide some as well

- apron/ old top (your cuffs and front will get messy!)

- a packed lunch

Workshop will take place at the Gallery and the day will run from 10am to 3.30pm ish