Mindful observation, chance, repetition and concentration are key elements of Danvers’ artistic practice – growing out of his exploration of Daoism, ecology and poetry, and the practice of Zen meditation. In this talk the artist will discuss the work in the exhibition and show how his interests and approach have evolved.

The talk will also shed light on Danvers’ working process and how places and journeys are evoked in his drawings.

The talk will take place upstairs at the Gallery and the ticket price includes a glass of wine or juice.

[90 mins – including questions/discussion].

About the artist

 John Danvers has exhibited widely in the UK, Australia and North America.


Picturing Mind: Paradox, Indeterminacy and Consciousness in Art & Poetry. Rodopi: Amsterdam/New York, 2006.

Agents of uncertainty: mysticism, scepticism, Buddhism, art and poetry. Rodopi: Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2012.

Interwoven Nature: relatedness and identity in a changeful world. Whitewick Press: UK, 2016.

 Poems published in: Iconolatre; Second Aeon; The Cannon’s Mouth; The London Magazine; Poetry Review Salzburg; Urthona – Buddhism & the Arts; erbacce (shortlisted for the erbacce prize 2017); The Journal.

 Website: http://johndanversart.co.uk/