This exhibition of recent drawings and paintings explores two interrelated themes: landscape and states of order juxtaposed against organic processes of growth, decay, chance and change.  

John Danvers is an artist, writer and poet whose work is rooted in contemplative enquiry, drawing on over 50 years of Zen Buddhist practice: “my work is quiet and harmonic, employing the simplest of materials (graphite, ink, pigment and water). In some drawings, closely observed details of rocks, trees and plants are accompanied by abstract marks and washes – to evoke the way we focus on small things that catch our eye, set against the broad sweep of hills, mountains and sky. In other works, the passage of time is marked by repeated strokes of graphite over which other forms, signs and words are built up in layers – reminiscent of the inner landscape of our mind, the endless motion of remembering, thinking, imagining and sensing.”