This is an arts based community installation focuses on the wonder and wisdom of the bee - part of tHrIVE : Our Community and Flora of the Moors  Exhibition

The installation comprises of a 3m x 2m woven willow skep (traditional beehive) structure covered in a ‘skirt’ inspired by the Dutch healing  or liberation ‘Feestrok’ -  a community stitched and decorated patchwork garment (also known as the magical skirts of re-construction).

The creative sessions all involve mark making on fabric (for the skirt) with plant, dye, print, stitch, paint, pen, wax etc … anything goes!

The categories (topics) that are being represented are:

The Pollinator Meadow. 

History and Humanity – bees and our relationship to them

Sound and Movement – we know that bees rely on sound and dance for communication with each other and with the plants.

Magic and Medicine – from the magical medicinal products of the hive  modern medicine to the plants and herbs available in out gardens.

Science and Alchemy – natures alchemists and builders of universal design.

How to get involved and what we need.

Come and join in one of these creative workshop days….. 

Hammer Plant Printing… natural printing technique on cloth with a hammer! Thurs 15th August 10.30- 3.30 , All ages, children must be supervised

Bees and the Sacred… creating images on cloth of representing out long standing relationship with the bee, ancient bee goddesses, Egyptian temple drawings, medieval monks, patron saints, beehives etc. Thurs 22nd Aug 10.30- 12.301.30 – 3.30

Sound and Movement… Bring your ideas for creative mark making inspired by the sounds and movements of the bees! Thur 29th August

Community stitching sessions… coming together to add your stitches to the Healing Skirt/Temple covering.  Stitching patches together, adding bees etc…no skill necessary, this is basic hand stitching. Thursday 5th September and Saturday 7th September

Make Bees for the Pollinator Meadow.  At home, school or part of a club? Stitch, draw, paint a bee onto fabric approx 10-15cms to add to our community pollinator meadow. Please make sure you have a name on it! We would love as many people and organistaions represented as possible.

These can be delivered to the Gallery.

Contribute your thoughts, words, art, images etc  A copy can be dropped at the Gallery or emailed to Angharad Barlow. The only criteria is that it can be photographed or scanned and printed onto fabric…(and relates to bees!) please include your name and which category above it comes under.

Contact Angharad Barlow ( or Green Hill Arts for more info about each workshop session . All sessions will take place at the Gallery.