This summer artist Angharad Barlow is creating an installation looking at the wonderful world and wisdom of the Bee.

We would like you to join our creative Pollinator Meadow and add yourself as a bee to our hive………..

Draw, paint, scribble and stitch etc a bee on to a piece of fabric this will then be stitched onto the ‘skirt’ of the installation.


Bees need to be roughly between 10 and 15cms, no bigger.

Try and avoid really thick heavy fabric, so we can keep the overall weight to minimum. Natural fabrics take colour better than synthetic.

You can use any medium you like, it does not have to be fixed or waterproof.

Please write your name close, alongside the edge of your bee.

Deliver finished items to Green Hill Arts.  Deadline 20th August 2019

Contact Angharad on or Georgie on